Comet McNaught in the Evening Sky.

Comet Mc Naught in the sky above Wellington, New Zealand

In January-February 2007 you would not need a telescope to see spectacular comet McNaught. Images like this could be easily taken with pocket cameras from the backyard lawn if you knew where and when to look.

Comets of such brightness are pretty rare. This one was brightest since 1965. However for the last 10 years there were few comets that you could easily spot without aid of telescope, even if you live in the big city. Here is the list of the brightest comets since 1935. The great comet of 2007 came to the Sun either from very edge of solar system or even from interstellar space. This comet type known as non periodic. It's orbit is so close to parabola that it's impossible to calculate its next appearance near the Sun. It may happen few thousands years from now, or it may never happen again. Another famous non-periodic comet that was clearly visible without telescope or binocular was Hale-Bopp comet of 1997.

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Check other (much better) images of comet McNaught. This images where taken by Rob McNaught himself!