Cool science pictures. Can you make one?

This page here is not for hard work of making science project. This is just for fun. Our cool science pictures are images of the ordinary objects under eh... different angle of view. Here you'll find macro and microscopic images with explanations and links to the more information on the subject of the image.

You don't need to fly to Africa or climb Everest to find a subject for this kind of images. In fact most of the subjects of this pictures could be found in the backyard or in the nearest pond.


Look, mom, I found T-Rex!

Fossilized sea shells, found on the roadside.

Thin layer chromatography at home? Yes, you can do it!

Thin layer chromatography for kids. At home.

There may be comet in the sky!

Comet McNaught in Wellington sky

Drop of milk in the zero gravity state.

Surface tension.

Marine polychaetae magnified 40 times.

Polychaeta - sea plankton monster.